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Winemaker Representation 

Riverina Winemakers Association
NSW Wine Industry Association

Wineries in the Region

Baratto Wines
Berton Vineyards 
Casella Family Brands
Calabria Family Wines
DeBortoli Wines
Dee Vine Estate
Lilly Pilly Wines
McWilliams Wine Group
Morandin Estate
Nugan Estate
Pinical Estate
Quarisa Wines
Yarran Wines
Warburn Estate
Wickham Hill Winery

Regional Wine Events

UnWined in the Riverina
Riverina Wine Show Results

Water Issues

National Irrigators Council - the WGMB is a voting member in this organisation.
New South Wales Irrigators Council - the WGMB is an observer in this organisation.
The Basin Plan - What it means to Irrigators

Statistics and Employer Information

Australian Bureau of Agriculture & Resource Economics

Wine & Grape Industry Links

Wine Australia
NSW DPI Wine Watch
National Wine Centre of Australia  
National Wine & Grape Industry Centre - Research and Extension Services based in Wagga Wagga
Australia Society of Viticulture & Oenology 
Australian Vignerons
Vine Health Australia

Online Spray Diaries

RTEmagicC vineaccess.jpg

The VineAccess Spray Diary satisfies major winery, HACCP, environmental, label integrity and major export market reporting requirements. When you record spray events, the VineAccess Spray Diary performs 40 checks for appropriate chemical use and application rates. You can elect to share spray records with winery customers online. Growers can access the website at

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The Grapeweb solution currently enables wine companies to offer the following electronic appliactions to their grape grower suppliers. Electronic Spray Diary ("Chemcheck") - Provides the grower with access to the industry standard AWRI Spray Diary form and the Chemcheck system capabilities. Performance Reports - Provides the grower with access to their business reports such as Maturity Reports, Weighnote / Cartnote Reports. The latest results and access to their historical information is available. Technical Library of Documents and Tools - Provide growers with information that can help them solve common problems in the vineyard. Private Library of Winery Information - We provide the winery with tools and training that enables wineries to submit confidentail manuals, documents, tools, spreadsheets etc, for access by their grower suppliers only. Weather Information. Growers can access the website at